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Top 10 Social Media Highlights – Wimbledon Common Half Marathon April 2018


Wimbledon Common Half Marathon April 2018

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So… “what’s better than a half-marathon?”… “a surprise half-marathon”! When Luke (@hardmantri) told me he’d entered us – I think I had forgotten how far 21.1km’s is… add mud baths, hills and rain – and you’ve got a winner I did make a new friend though – she’s running the London Marathon for an awesome charity (will post more info – watch this space!) (for more visuals check out @haukur.h ). This all being said – AWESOME morning, reminded me of how much I love being outside, meeting people and hearing their stories, and well… running I guess 🙂 And – a @runthroughuk event is ALWAYS a good choice (thank you!!)! Great organization, fab support, and just all round smiley, encouraging peeps! (And they had to stand in the rain!!) #imback #imaustria #703staffs #marathonmajorsinmysights! #awesomehusband #wooohooooo!! #swimbikerun #tritraining #outsideisawesome #lovemud #running #wimbledoncommon

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I FINALLY DID IT!! ‍♀️ . When I started taking running a bit more seriously almost a year and a half ago, I set myself the challenge to run a half marathon in 2017.. turns out it’s pretty hard to change jobs, move houses and train for 13.1 miles of running all in one go, so the goal went on hold for a bit! ✋ . But today, after nowhere near enough training, a few Ling runs and choosing a pretty tricky, muddy & hilly course for our first half marathon (idiots I know ‍♀️) WE DID IT! . I can’t say it was the perfect race for me, Miles 1 & 2 we’re up a steep muddy hill in the rain but when I pulled myself together, miles 3-10.5 felt amazing! 10.5-13.1 included lots of swearing and walking and rain but I don’t care – I finished it eland that was the main goal here! . Shoutouts to the @runthroughuk team who organised an amazing event as per – there’s no other company I would choose for my first half! And to @northern.guy for smashing his half and @megandaniella who will be smashing London in 2 weeks!! . Now it’s time to set some new goals and work out how the hell I’m going to manage to walk down up and down the plane tomorrow . . . #runthroughuk #runthrough #strava #london #runner #run #running #runnergirl #runnersofinstagram #runninggirl #runnersofinstagram #travelblog #explore #instadaily #travel #travelphotography #cabincrew #flightattendant #airhostess #aviation #cabincrewlife #crewlife #avgeek #comeflywithme #girlslovetravel #rosterbuster #travelblogger #fitnessblogger #lifestyleblogger #thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanrun @thisgirlcanuk @thisgirlcanrunning

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A year ago we ran our first 5k at Greenwich Park with @runthroughuk . I remember us walking in the park trying to figure out the course with a long discussion if we were or not running up the big hill…well we did for the first time on April 9, 2017. . That day was so inspirational that we were hooked, we went from 5k to 10k ‍♂️ up to our first half marathon in October at Wimbledon . Today on our #runniversary we were at Wimbledon again! Mud was expected but no chance we would say no to a good challenge! The spirit of the race was amazing as usual as the other runners ‍♂️ all super supportive . I personally loved it, I couldn’t run for time today, I just enjoyed the challenge, running uphill in the mud, speeding up downhill, giving high five to the super nice womble! It was tough and I kept repeating my mantra “I got this”, I totally loved it. . A last thought, a couple of weeks ago I watched the Barkley Marathons, well Wimbledon is not as tough, but some parts of the course triggered the memory of the documentary and it felt unbelievable… . #runthroughuk #asicsfrontrunner #fromfattofit #fromfattofab #fromfattomarathonrunner #ifididityoucantoo #asfastasyoucan #muddyrun #trailrunning #roadtomadrid #roadtocopenhagen #marathontraining #marathonerhubby #marathonerwifey❤️ #imoveme #marathonic #marathon #halfmarathon #runningintherain

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