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Official Partner of RunThrough

We’re excited to introduce Brooks to the RunThrough family.


About Brooks

The joy of running — and the potential it represents — is easy to describe but impossible to explain. Brooks believe a run has the potential to change your day, your life, even the whole world. Creating solutions for runners, test them over miles, assess feedback and repeat. And repeat. And repeat. Every groove in the soles of your shoes, every inch of fabric in your gear and every single stitch has a reason to exist. If it doesn’t improve your run, you won’t see it in Brooks gear.

Brooks’ shoes have a singular goal in mind. To make sure each run or physical activity is better than the last — a simple enough principle that guides every design and engineering choice. Whether you want to try out something similar or broaden your horizons, The Brooks Shoe Finder can help!

S23 ShoeFinder Mens 1080x1080 1 V2

Shoes your own adventure

If you’re looking for cushioned running shoes, Brooks have got you covered! Brooks running shoes are built to make the run feel effortless by minimizing impact when your foot hits the ground. Check out the fit, support and ride from these fan favourites below to help you choose your perfect pair!

S24 JULY MUNICH 1 0E9A3735 Scaled

Discover the all-time favourite Ghost collection. Delivers a trusted fit, signature smooth ride and lightweight cushioning.

S24 JULY MUNICH 1 0E9A2484 Scaled

Brooks’ most popular supportive running shoe reduces excess shin and heel rotation so you can run or walk with more comfort, so you can focus on what matters most – your race.

S24 JULY MUNICH 2 0E9A0705 Scaled

Running 101

What do you know about running injuries and how to prevent them? Are you – and your body well enough eqipped for your next race? Check out Brooks’ advice and tip to keep you running happy for all your RunThrough events!

FGP 1219 Scaled
SHP 1187 Scaled