Race Information – Tittesworth 50k Ultra

Tittesworth Trail Race- 50K Ultra


Saturday 6th August 2022



Tittesworth Water Visitor Centre, Meerbrook, Leek ST13 8SN
(If using the app What3Words, use the words ​///exhaling.about.ruling​​​ for exact event village location)
Start Times:
50K = 7am
Half Marathon = 9am
10k = 9:30am

Race pack Collection


All entries will be assigned a number at registration.
To collect your number, make your way down to the collection desks on Saturday Morning.
It will take around 15 minutes to collect your number, so please arrive early.

You will only need one number attached to the front of your shirt.

Your timing chip will be attached to the bottom of your race bib and needs to be attached to your shoe as per the instructions on the back of the chip. Please make sure you keep your number on at all times during the race.

At the finish, you can dispose of your chip (we do not need to collect them back).


Collection Times:
50K = 5:30-6:30am
Half Marathon = 7:30-8:30am
10k = 8.00- 9.00am

When you receive your race packs, please take a couple of minutes to fill out the brief runner Information form which can be found printed on the back of your bib. This will help us greatly in case of an emergency!



Race Start

There will be a race briefing 15 minutes prior to the start time.

Required kit

Hooded waterproof jacket
First aid kit (to include minimum blister plasters, bandage and tape to secure dressing)
Spare long-sleeved base layer top
Hat & gloves
Mobile phone and/or GPS device (fully charged)
Head Torch
Emergency foil blanket or bivi bag
Emergency food & drink
Trail running shoes
Hydration pack
Phone/GPS watch
Technical running clothing
Advised Additional Kit
Trail Running Poles
All 50K runners must carry required equipment with them at all times, as described on the website and race information. This can be spot checked by staff at any time.
It is for your own safety. If you do not have a required kit item, tell us now and we will do our best to work something out.

During the race


The course will be marked out by RED Trail Flags and tape.
(There will also be Blue and Yellow flags out on the course for the other race distances)
For marking turns, there will be RED tape hanging on the gate/tree/rock located on the side of the trail towards which you will be turning.
If you haven’t seen a flag, tape or sign for more than a few hundred metres, turn around and re-find the course.
There will be arrow signs at key locations only, and there will be no distance markers.
We will have marshals positioned at key points to help you find your way.
You must have the GPS track downloaded to your Mobile phone and/or GPS device and you are familiarised with the route prior to setting off.
There is another trail event taking place on some of the same paths. Please ensure you attend the race briefing prior to the race start time, and understand the route and signs you will be following.
Phone signal is pretty good throughout the course, except on sections that are in valleys. If you need to get a phone signal in these areas, just walk uphill onto high ground and you will find some signal.
Please wear appropriate footwear and clothing for off road and trail running.
The use of trail poles is permitted.

The route utilises public walking paths. Please be respectful of other trails users during the race.



After the race

Do NOT stop within the finish area. Please continue through the finish until you pass the medals and are in an open space.

There will be sealed ACTIPH water bottles at the finish for each runner to collect along with your medal and Love Corn which will be laid out on tables for you to help yourself.



Tittesworth Water Visitor Centre, Meerbrook, Leek ST13 8SN
(If using the app What3Words, use the words ///exhaling.about.ruling for exact event village location)
This is located along a lane branching off from Meerbrook road (What3Words: ///ankle.fatigued.calculate) and can be reached from the A53 or A523
The car park at the Visitor Centre is charged at £3 for up to 2 hours or £5 for the whole day. Most machines take cash payments only, but there are three that can take card payment, one next to the visitor centre, one next to the play area, and one in the waterside car park




There will be toilets available to use prior to the race. These are located at the What3Words ///cookie.dreamers.tramps
For spectators in the event village, we will use the toilets in the visitor centre and the play area once they open at 10am. The exact location for the centre is ///efficient.thorax.alien.
There are no toilets located along the route.



Please limit the number of belongings you bring to the event. The car park is located close to the event village, we therefore recommend leaving any belongings in your car.
There will be an informal bag drop area within the event village for runners who need it.
Your baggage tag is attached to your race number, you simply tear it off and attach to your bag. To collect, show your number to the baggage tent staff and they will help you find your baggage.


In an effort to reduce waste, this race is bottle-free, meaning you’ll need to pack along your own cup for fluids at aid stations during the race. We suggest that you bring either a hand flask, running vest with water bottles or a collapsible cup.
Please bring your own water and drinking vessel to the event.
There will be a water station within the event village where you can fill up your own bottles.
There are 5 aid stations along the route. These will all provide water, gels and some snacks. We will also have marquees, chairs and foil blankets just in case the weather turns. We will have marshals and medics at all of these points, please inform a member of staff if you have any issues along the way.
 We recommend staying hydrated in the lead up to the event.
Please ensure you carry all litter with you, and nothing is left out on the course. This includes all water bottles, gel and food wrappers.

Cut off Times

There is a 12hr cut off on completing this race.
Each Aid station has it’s own cut off time, as listed below. If you have not reached an aid station by the required time, you will officially be removed from the race. We will have a member of staff reverse walking the course from each Cut off location. As they pass you, they will inform you that you have missed the cut off.
You are then welcome to walk back with our staff, who can ensure you reach the event village safely, or continue on entirely at your own risk.
Cut off times and locations are as follows:
Aid Station EV- 8.5km- 8.45am
Aid Station 1- 15.5km – 10.40am
Aid station 2- 23.7km- 12.20pm
Aid station 3- 29.4km- 2.00pm
Aid Station 4- 42km- 4.30pm
Aid Station 5- 44.5km- 5.30pm
Finish- 50km- 7.00pm
(These times take in to consideration elevation, distance and trail difficulty between stations)


Results will be available on www.runthrough.co.uk after the race.



We will have a photographer taking a few snaps of the race, which will be made available on our facebook page after the race.


Social Media

For updates leading up to the race, please check out our on Twitter @runthroughuk use the hashtag #Runthroughuk in the build-up to the race.

If you want to talk all things running before and after the event join our RunThrough Chat group on Facebook.

If you #RunThroughTrailsUK on In​​stagram with your race day collages, the best ones will feature on our page!



Spectators are more than welcome to come along and support runners.
Tittesworth Water Visitor centre will be open from 10am-5pm.
There will also be a coffee van located in the event village prior to the race starts.


RunThrough Kit

Powered by RunThrough, RT Kit provides the level of quality and style in its running clothing that you’d expect from a brand that has become synonymous with running over the last decade.

If you have purchased an item of RT Kit with your race entry, please head to the RT Kit stall on the day of your race, with your email order confirmation and we will have your item ready for collection!