Official Partner of RunThrough

We are excited to announce that Love Corn will be fuelling our races for another year!

Love Corn is the perfect post race snack and loved by our runners and staff!

You can get 20% off Love Corn products using the code: RUNLOVE20 

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Hello, Howdy, Hola!

We’re LOVE CORN, the first premium, crunchy corn snack!  Our delicious crunchy corn kernels are packed with flavour and made with love.  We’re perfect on-the-go, packed in a lunch box, sprinkled on a salad or paired with your favourite refreshing beverage.  We’re delicious, plant based and gluten free – meet your new favourite snack! 

Give us a crunch and get 20% off using the code RUNLOVE20 – just visit


P.s. we’re crunchy, we’re delicious!

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