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Ross Franks – RunThrough Senior Events Operations Manager Father’s Day Interview 


Meet The Team

Ross is a Senior Operations Manager who leads the Southern RunThrough team, delivering approximately 140 of the 215 (nationwide) events organised by RunThrough which attract over 200,000 runners each year.

This means that Ross has full oversight of the prep and delivery of events, relationship management with numerous venues, staffing as well as being the person who any and every event delivery related question will be directed towards! 

Ross joined RunThrough in April 2022 and prior to that had marshalled for years whilst working as a primary school teacher before being contacted by Matt Wood (RunThrough Co-Founder & Director) about joining the team and immediately accepted his offer! Ross said that some of the best things about his job are “the running community, delivering events for thousands of people and working with a phenomenal team of like-minded people.”

Ross On Site At A RunThrough Event In Battersea Park

Outside of delivering hundreds of events Ross also runs himself, impressively managing to run 6 times a week. As if that wasn’t enough running in his life Ross also follows athletics as well as football, supporting Chelsea. 

Ross met his now wife at a house party at university around a decade ago and now have three children together; two girls (8 and 3) and one boy (nearly 1!) and described his parenting style as “Calm, relaxed, playful but I try my best to keep them in check!” 

Of course one of the biggest joys of Fatherhood is enjoying the very many funny moments that naturally come from the innocence of children, something that Ross absolutely confirmed, saying “there are too many [funny moments] to say, but I do genuinely find it hilarious when they wind each other up and know they’re annoying one other!”

Balancing a busy, full-time job along with family life is something that so many Fathers around the country and the world can no doubt relate to and at times can be a big challenge when you want to be giving your full self to both your work and your family. Ross manages to strike this balance by “prioritising on a daily basis. Some days you may need to work a little more, but then some days you can find more time for family and the nature of working weekends means you do get days off in a typical week day which is nice. I’ve always gone by the rule of quality time over quantity.”

Ross And Family On A Day Trip

Ross said that he is “incredibly ambitious and I will always look to learn and grow more. My  family is my driving force so any decision I make will be with them in mind. I can see myself at RunThrough for a long long time and want to continue to grow in my role but I also always want to remain a hands-on dad who is there for my kids. I take no greater pride  in being a father.” 

Having such commitment both in your personal and professional life is something that many people struggle to do without overexerting themselves which can lead to a person’s physical or mental health being adversely affected. When asked about this, Ross said “​​I’m generally good at understanding my limits so I never overcook it, but I’ll never take my foot off the gas either. I work hard through the week but I also work hard to maintain a strong relationship with my wife and kids. I’m very fortunate to be in a job where I’ll work to provide for my family but also love what I do on a daily basis – it’s the perfect balance.

Ross Taking Part In A Recent RunThrough Event

Ross said that he has learnt many lessons from both his work and family life that he translates both from work to family and vice versa including “managing time, prioritising tasks in the moment, listening when spoken to, remaining calm under pressure, remaining upbeat and positive even in a difficult moment and crucially remaining resilient when faced with difficult situations and finding the ability to overcome them.” Powerful words that we can all take something from! 

Ross takes immense pride in his professional and family life but said of his kids that he is “most proud of them for being themselves, and living an active happy lifestyle.I’ll always be proud of them no matter what they go on to do.”