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Social Media Highlights – Victoria Park Races September 2019


Victoria Park 5k, 10k & Half Marathon September 2019

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??‍♀️ I just ran 20 MILES at my 'in your wildest dreams' marathon pace ??? . I am over the actual moon (feel like I've run far enough to get there ?) and with such a positive half marathon at Victoria Park too! ?? . Started the race with a guy and got talking. Turns out he was running Berlin too. We stuck together for the first few miles until we started talking about PBs. Based on the way we ran the first 10km I sneakily thought I might be able to get him to smash his PB. He kept saying he wouldn't be able to keep up with me but there he was, every time I turned around just a few meters behind. So I turned into Mrs Motivator to the max, figured I had extra miles to run so I didn't need to push my time. He absolutely smashed it! Paced him all the way round 6.5 laps of Victoria Park to over a 2 min PB! We crossed that finish line second from last together. That absolutely made my day. It was a pace that felt more than comfortable for me too, even though there was a time not that long ago that it was my all-out half PB. ⭐?? . Ran the extra 7 miles at a much steadier pace and started to struggle from about 17 onwards but I'm so so chuffed to see the time on that watch. I didn't make it over 15 miles in my last training cycle and still managed a 5min PB so watch out Berlin, I'm coming for you! ???? . Don't forget my fundraising raffle is live!! If you want to win @oofosuk or @runthroughuk race entry among other awesome prizes, check out my last post for details! ❤️ . . . #marathontraining #marathon #couchto5k #couchtomarathon #strongwomen #thisgirlcan #thisgirlcanrun #inspiringwomenrunners #fitness #taper #longrun #winthelongrun #smashingit #runningcommunity #runthroughuk #slowrunner #happy #tapertime #berlin42

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So @mbyrnes33 and I did a thing this morning. We have both been on a running hiatus these last few months but she so kindly let me talk her into signing up for a half marathon today @runthroughuk • I knew I had to get a long run in. I knew it wasn’t going to happen on my own. Find those people who get you. This girl without hesitation joined me this morning. Even though I wasn’t feeling it from the start she kept me moving and entertained. She is also always on board for the silly antics I’m usually laying down. We had fun dancing to the single drum band, chitchatting with the volunteers, and getting the camera man to laugh at us. • From the start we were a hot mess, but we had a blast! • Every day I feel so thankful that even in this BIG ol’ city I’ve found my squad that loves and accepts me. It also helps she’s a fellow American, so we can chuckle at our “brilliant performance”. • #findyourpeople #runthroughuk • • • • • • • • • • • #BettySquad #bettysquad19 #DoEpicShit #triathlete #swimbikerun #ironmantri #ironmantraining #fitness #momlife #training #fitspiration #cycling #runner #tricommunity #marathontraining #balegaimpi #expatlondon #hurtlocker #basetraining #consistency #berlinmarathon #triathlongirl #instarunners #motherrunner ##forwardmovement #thesweatlife

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