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So my story so far..

My running journey Started in January 2021

Like most people I decided to make the lockdown a positive thing by running. I started the couch to 5k and soon got into the love of running and made the decision to enter my first ever half marathon race. I always wanted to complete a half marathon and that it would be a massive achievement and one I never thought I could do, especially after turning 40 last year

I got training January onwards and running regulary, booking my first half marathon originally Oct 2021 but decided to bring it forward to May 2021. Typically 2 weeks before The half marathon,I fell poorly and was still poorly the day of the official half marathon race but still pushed on and completed it.. It felt a massive achievement, one I’m very proud of. I never gave up.

Whilst training I found at times mentally drained and sometimes things got on top of me but I carried on and smiled through it and not only completed the first half marathon I raised a huge amount for the Neonatal ward at Coventry Hospital, a charity close to our hearts ❤️.

Then once a month I entered various races from a 6.2 mile race to a 13.1 mile race and up to this date I have completed 4 half marathons and 7 x 6.2 mile races, 1 x wolf run and 1 x Thes queens jubilee 70 mile challenge.

All the companies I have used for the races have been amazing and well organised events making it easier to enter and enjoy.

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After my half marathon back in September, I felt brilliant and it got me thinking of doing a full marathon. After watching the London marathon 2021 I decided to up the challenge so I entered the London marathon 2022 via the Ballet and a charity entry…

To my huge surprise and great honour, I was chosen to join the team Macmillan cancer charity

So here I am now fundraising for a fantastic charity and fulfilling an achievement in the process whilst pushing myself to the limit to complete 26.2 miles!

My husband has supported me all the way which I’m truly grateful for ❤️💙 and definitely needed whilst I get ready for the race.

All Family and friends have given me so much support ❤️❤️

My moto is #makenoexcuses

Thank you for taking the time to read

Becky ❤️🏃🏻‍♀️


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