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Meet The Team – Jess, Otis & Hannah

We would love to introduce you to our three wonderful placement students, joining us over the next year at both our South & North offices! In the couple of months they have been with us they have made a huge impact, getting stuck in with all tasks at hand and becoming familiar faces on event days!


What is your name and job title?

Jessica Lister, Operations Assistant

Otis Farmer, Operations Assistant

Hannah Jackson, Operations Assistant


Tell us a bit about your role at RunThrough, your University & course.

Jess: I help to organise the pacers for our events and arrange personal trainers for the warm-ups. I am a student at Loughborough University on my placement year where I study Sports Management. This includes using key business theories and applying them to the sports industry, whilst further developing my business knowledge in areas such as Marketing and Accounting.

Otis: I am at the Uni of Chichester studying Event Management. I spend the majority of my time in the warehouse sorting out what we need for the upcoming events.

Hannah: At events I mostly stay in the Event village making sure it runs smoothly by answering any questions runners  have and directing them in the right direction. I am also in charge of organising pacers for the events in addition to booking PTs to lead the warm ups and massages for the runners! Next year I will be returning to Loughborough University to complete my final year of my degree in Sport and Exercise Science.

What is your proudest running achievement?

Jess: My proudest running achievement is going to English schools for the 200m in 2021 and running my personal best and making the final, as I wasn’t highly ranked. Tied with this is making the BUCS team for Loughborough in my first year as this was highly unexpected.

Otis: Proudest running achievement is running my first marathon at Brighton.

Hannah: By far completing the London Marathon earlier this year at 19 years old!

What is your next big goal?

Jess: My next big goal is to run a personal best in the 100m and 200m as I’ve had a few tough years with injury.

Otis: Next big goal is running a sub 1:25 hour half marathon

Hannah: Just to generally get all my race times down, recently just broken 20 mins for 5k and so trying to see how quick I can get!


What advice would you give to a newbie runner?

Jess: For newbie runners I really recommend going with somebody else. One thing I love about the sport is how sociable it is, so finding a friend or attending a local running club is not only a great way to get started but I found makes me more motivated and you can make friends for life.

Otis: Take it easy and listen to your body. You can’t get a PB at every run.

Hannah: Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, its fine if a run/race doesn’t go your way, just move on and sign up to the next one . Another big thing I learnt from marathon training is that to get quicker you need to SLOW down, every run shouldn’t be at max effort!

What is your favourite running song? 

Jess: My favourite running song is Acquiesce by Oasis

Otis: Favourite song to run changes often but its currently Alive! by Bakar

Hannah: I wouldn’t say I have one go to song but I have a fave playlist full of mostly 00s/10s up beat songs and of course a bit of ABBA!


Make sure to say hi if you see one our incredible placement students in the event village or on the course at your next event!