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Choose from Fiit’s 1000+ individual classes across the Fiit Cardio, Strength and Rebalance studios, or from the selection of training plans tailored to specific fitness goals.
Fiit adds new classes each week so you’ll always find fresh workouts to keep your training on track.
 HIIT, Mobility, Pilates, Breath work, Circuits and much more.

Train anywhere, anytime. At Home, at the gym, or outdoors.


Access FIIT classes wherever you are, whatever the occasion giving you the freedom to train at a time that works for you.
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The Essential Collection

Build Strength. Recover Faster. Level Up.

As part of our partnership, Fiit has provided you with free access to six runner focused classes to help take your training to the next level.


Brilliant Basics

Before all your training runs, make sure that you do the fundamentals! The warm-up and cool down. Check out these activation and stretching sessions from Courtney and Adrienne to help you be run-ready and injury free.

Warm-Up with Courtney Fearon

Cool Down with Adrienne Herbert 

The Rebalance Studio

As runners, our mobility, flexibility and core stability are crucial attributes. Join Lina and Gede for these two yoga and pilates classes to help keep you injury free.

Yoga for Runners with Lina Nielsen

Pilates for Runners with Gede Foster

Build the Ultimate Running Body

Our bodies need to be strong to run but don’t go over the top. Be smart. Be focused. Follow Sean and Adrienne’s lead in these awesome strength and HIIT sessions to bulletproof your body.

Strength for Runners with Sean Kazab

HIIT with Adrienne Herbert