If you ever asked yourself “Are there any 5k runs in Manchester?” then here at RunThrough we have plenty of options for you. Our 5k races are located all over Greater Manchester.

If you’re looking for a Manchester 5k then RunThroughs 10k runs Manchester calendar could be for you.

5k is one of the most popular distances run world wide – 3.1 miles of running over road, trail or cross country has fast become one of the UK’s favourite past times. RunThrough have lots of runs you can participate in.

Take a look at our list below to help guide your decision.



Birmingham Running Festival 5k – Sunday 21st February – ENTER HERE


Running GP at Oulton Park 5k – Sunday 7th March – ENTER HERE

Heaton Park 5k – Sunday 14th March – ENTER HERE


Run Media City 10k – Thursday 29th April – ENTER HERE


Aintree 5k – Sunday 9th May – ENTER HERE

Run Heaton 5k – Wednesday 12th May – ENTER HERE

Heaton Park 5k – Sunday 23rd May – ENTER HERE

Run Media City 5k – Thursday 27th May – ENTER HERE


Run Media City 5k – Thursday 24th June – ENTER HERE


Heaton Park 5k – Wednesday 14th July – ENTER HERE

Aintree 5k  – Sunday 25th July – ENTER HERE

Media City 5k – Thursday 29th July – ENTER HERE


Heaton Park 5k – Sunday 1st August – ENTER HERE

Run Media City 5k – Thursday 26th August – ENTER HERE



Aintree 5k – Saturday 4th September – ENTER HERE

Warrington Running Festival 5k – Sunday 26th September – ENTER HERE

Run Media City 5k – Thursday 30th September – ENTER HERE



Heaton Park 5k – Sunday 10th October – ENTER HERE





Heaton Park 5k – Sunday 5th December – ENTER HERE

Aintree 5k – Sunday 19th December – ENTER HERE